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NHSR protocols
Non human subjects research is a very specific type of project. These are QI projects, public health data projects, and projects using publicly available de-identified data. Even if you are using this type of data, you may still need to submit an exempt protocol, it depends on the intent of the project. If you are doing a QI project with the sole purpose of internal PDSA cycles or quality measure improvement or writing a term paper, then you qualify for this category. If you are using publicly available data for the purposes of a research project ("designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge"), then you need to submit an exempt protocol. Nhsr 5.0.png

Initial Submission
Fill in the information. Nhsr initial submit 1.png
1.9 Your protocol should be attached and you should not need to do anything with this section. Nhsr submit 2.png
1.11 If you have any consent or HIPAA documents, they go here. Nhsr submit 3.png
1.12 You need to submit your written protocol here. Nhsr submit 4.png
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