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=Research Day Details=
=Research Day Details=
*[[Research Calendar|Important Dates]]
*[[Research Calendar|Important Dates]]
*[https://louisville.edu/brand/download/ppt/4-3-standard-uofl-powerpoint-template/view UofL PowerPoint Template]:  
*[https://louisville.edu/brand/download/ppt/4-3-standard-uofl-powerpoint-template/view UofL PowerPoint Template]: -- temporarily down for refresh
*[[Slide guide|What should I include in my presentation?]]
*[[Slide guide|What should I include in my presentation?]]
*[[Presentation Structure on Research Day|How long should my presentation be?]]
*[[Presentation Structure on Research Day|How long should my presentation be?]]

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Ongoing Research Studies

Resident Research Project Ideas

Ever changing. Please contact Dr. Pierson for ideas.

Research Project Logistics

Research Project Proposal

  • You will usually present your research project idea during a Grand Rounds in July of your second year.
  • When you are developing an idea, it may be helpful to use the Project Proposal form. (Emailed from Research Director on request and on MedHub)
  • Presentation Structure
  • The Research Director will email a copy of the PowerPoint template towards the end of the academic year. It is also posted in the Resident Research folder on OneDrive.

Research Working Group Information

The RWG is an informal group that serves two functions: (1) to review research proposals prior to submission to the IRB (2) to provide guidance and mentorship to residents during the research project process.

The Working Group meets one Friday per month if there are protocols or projects to discuss. Anyone is welcome at any time. We are happy to discuss projects at any stage, from brainstorming to formal development to reviewing IRB protocols. We are not meant to replace your primary research mentor or PI, only to supplement and provide expertise in other areas. Meetings will be announced by email. If you need your protocol reviewed prior to IRB submission, you will need to email your documents to the group by the monthly deadline. Otherwise you just need to let us know you are coming with a project to discuss, no submission is necessary. Please email Dr. Meriwether with questions.

Research Day Details

Manuscript Guidelines