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General Information

  • Use a sans-serif font (Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Tahoma, etc). They are easier to read.
  • Use 1 inch margins around.
  • Use 2.0 (double) spacing.
  • Use 10 or 11 point font - it should be readable without being ridiculous.
  • Put your last name and the page number in the header on the right hand side of each page.
  • Aim for 3000 words (not including references), though clearly your manuscript length will vary based on the type and complexity of the project.
  • Format using the Green Journal instructions. Full instructions are here ( but the highlights are in this document.
  • You do NOT need to include the Disclosure forms or any other forms listed on the Green Journal page. Just follow the formatting instructions.
  • If you are planning on formal submission to a journal but are submitting to the Research Director first, please follow the instructions for that journal and let the Research Director know which journal when you submit.

Manuscript sections

  • Title page: Include the title of your manuscript/study, all the authors' names, and each author's affiliations (departments, schools, etc). Also list any sources of funding for the project (if none, omit) and whether there are any conflicts of interest (if none, include "The authors declare no conflicts of interest"). The last thing you should include is whether you presented any of the data at a meeting ("This work was presented in part/in total at the xxx meeting in Louisville, Kentucky on July 1, 2015"). For the author order, in general, your name should be first and your faculty advisor should be last (as the senior author). Others go in between in decreasing order of involvement on the project. Adjust spacing to fit all this on one page.
  • Abstract: The abstract gets its own page. It should be no more than 250 words and should include the sections Objective, Methods, Results, and Conclusion (and Clinical Trial Registration, if applicable).
  • Main body/Text: Aim for 3000 words, no more than 5500 words. This should include the sections Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion. Introduction - usually 1-2 pages. Cite relevant literature but do not include a comprehensive literature review. Methods: Include sufficient detail such that your study could be replicated. Do not forget to include that your study was IRB approved ("This study was approved as an Exempt Protocol by the University of Louisville Institutional Review Board"). Include what tests you used in your statistical analysis and what software program. Discussion: no more than 3 pages. Relate your study to the existing body of literature.
  • References: double spaced. Cite references consecutively in the manuscript text with superscripts. The reference list should include consecutive references (not alphabetical). Format references in Green Journal style (which is JAMA style except any reference with more than 6 authors should list the first 6 then - see examples here:
  • Tables: do not insert images. Use the table function in your word processing program to create a table. Tables should be at the end of your document, after the references and each on its own page.
  • Figures and Figure legends: insert figures with associated legends at the end of your document (after the tables, and each on its own page).