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  • Excel is capable of handling many thousands of lines/records of data and can perform most statistical tests.
  • Excel may be reasonable if you are the only person working on your project or if your project has very few records or data points or patients. If you are recording PHI then Excel is really not the best option.


Redcap logo.png
REDCap is a data management system that is free to use if you are affiliated with UofL. It can function as a database and secure record storage (the IRB likes us to use this system as it is approved for PHI storage). However, it has many advanced functions that will allow you to administer surveys (anonymous and identified), among other things. You can also add multiple users to the project and restrict access if needed; you can store files for access by everyone working on the project (so you don't have multiple versions of the "master file" floating around).
  • To use REDCap, you must have your PI request an account (or ask Dr. Pierson if your PI/mentor does not use REDCap). Once you are approved, you will use your UofL login to access the system.
  • REDCap has very good native help videos and files, but ask Dr. Pierson if you need help getting your project set up.